PEA Parking’s Managed parking Set-up Process


Each time our Sales team picks up a lead or creates an opportunity we aim to provide the best-fit solution for our client. No doubt the solutions you provide to your clients are bespoke to many and off-the-shelf for some? Our solutions are always hand-picked!

With each site review and consultation, our team is formulating the right solutions for our client and their car park. Below are example questions we run through in our bid to determine the systems that would bring the best experience to users in your car parks.
• Is it a public or private car park?
• What amenities are in the locality?
• What is the main type of users, e.g. business or residential etc.?
• How can we maximise the income or customer service?
• Is it a gated or barrier entry system, and is the site manned or monitored by CCTV?
• Do current systems in place need replacing or updating?
• Are paper or virtual permits required for staff/residents?
• Are payment machines required or would users benefit from e-parking solutions?
• Is it necessary to provide a solution to visitors, e.g. those visiting residents?
• Is monitoring compliance needed to improve car park users overall experience?

Our Sales team walks all clients through the options available to you, always providing their expert advice. Once all is agreed our Operation team implements the project ensuring the day-to-day operations and processes are the best they can be.

If you would like to have a review of your sites, you can get in touch with our team or your account manager at any time. We would be happy to assist you.

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