GDPR Compliance

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Keeping our clients and customers parking data secure has always been a top priority for us at PEA. In anticipation of the new GDPR directive, we took the time to review all our sites to ensure that our signage was providing the correct and necessary information to customers. For us, we had begun this process in line with the Irish Vehicle Clamping Act guidelines (2015).

Internally, we audited our data processing, retention and security procedures following the six guiding principles of GDPR. Every aspect of data processing within PEA was scrutinised and great efficiencies and procedures introduced.

Ensuring our compliance with this directive is being led by our designated Corporate Governance Manager, Liz Smyth, who also endorses our continuous IOS 9001:2015 accreditation, which was again secured and awarded again this year.

With GDPR in mind, we’ve compiled some questions to get you thinking if your car park, and processes, are being compliant with the new directive:
• Do you have CCTV on site and is it clearly stating the purpose to users?
• If you are recording compliance on your site, are you processing, storing and deleting the information securely?
• And are you recording only the necessary data that is required?
• Is personal data collected excessive?
• Have you obtained our Privacy Policy for your GDPR records?

While only a sample, the above points can form the bases of your roadmap to GDPR compliance. If you do have any GDPR queries in relation to your car park you can get in touch with our team (GDPR certified and trained) at

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